A downloadable game for Windows

My research project while a fellow at Trinity Forum Academy. I spent nine months designing and coding Starship in Java. Created from the ground up, I used only Java’s built in libraries (as well as a library to play mp3 files).

It's incomplete and unpolished, but a neat concept. Includes a terribly confusing tutorial, and a short quest. The game is also set up to be relatively easy to mod. 

Game Design, Writing, Art, and Code by Austin Kucera:  www.AustinKucera.com

There are some great assets online for indie devs. I'm particularly thankful for Chris Adamek's support, as well as that of Stellardrone. A full list of credits can be found in the readme inside the jar file.

Thank you!

Install instructions

Download and double click the .jar file to play!

A readme that includes credits and game controls can be found inside the jar file.


Starship.jar 29 MB