A downloadable game for Windows

My research project while a fellow at Trinity Forum Academy. I spent nine months designing and coding Starship in Java. Created from the ground up, I used only Java’s built in libraries (as well as a library to play mp3 files).

It's incomplete and unpolished, but a neat concept. Includes a terribly confusing tutorial, and a short quest. The game is also set up to be relatively easy to mod. 

Game Design, Writing, Art, and Code by Austin Kucera:  www.AustinKucera.com

There are some great assets online for indie devs. I'm particularly thankful for Chris Adamek's support, as well as that of Stellardrone. A full list of credits can be found in the readme inside the jar file.

Thank you!

Published Jun 24, 2014
Tagsbuilding, Real time strategy, Space

Install instructions

Download and double click the .jar file to play!

A readme that includes credits and game controls can be found inside the jar file.


Starship.jar 29 MB